How to Collect Data: Quickstart Guide

52C is different than most of the progress tracking apps for personal trainers because it relies very much on typing. That’s how it combines the pen-&-paper-like simplicity of collecting data with a powerful progress presentation.

Imagine you take notes on post-its during the session with your client, but then the notes are perfectly organized in categories within the client’s profile. What’s more, some of the data you gathered are presented graphically, so that both you and your client can notice the progress just by having a glance at it.

How to Collect Data at Your PC or MAC?

Don’t be deceived by the 3 bare fields in the HOME tab – they give you numerous options (in fact, unlimited). Here’s how to use them best:

Field 1 – Client’s Name

Quite self-explanatory – Start typing the name of the client whose data you want to collect at the moment. If the client’s profile already exists, 52C will offer you the list of full names to pick from.

Clients name

Ok, but what if the client’s profile hasn’t been created yet?

No worries, you don’t have to go anywhere else to create a new account to add data to. All you have to do is type in the full name of the client whose account is to be created and press Enter button on your keyboard.

New client

The new profile will be automatically added to the list of your Clients along with the first record you add to it. And to add the record, you need to full in the two following fields. Here’s how…

Field 2 – Category

Here you type in the name of whatever you are going to track. Some categories have been predefined in 52C, so as you start typing, some hints will appear under to pick from.

New client

Ok, but what if the category I’m trying to track has not been predefined in 52C?

That is no problem at all. You see, this is another point where 52C differs from other apps for personal trainers. You are not limited by the predefined set of categories. You can easily create your own ones on the run. Just type in the full name of the category you want to add, and press Enter on your keyboard.

New client

Once the category has been added, it will appear in the hints under Field 2 each time you start typing its name. This way you can expand your personal set of categories and track whatever you like, whatever you call it!

Field 3 – Record

In the third field, you type the value, or the text, you want to add to the client within the category. Let’s say your client Mike has just run over 800 meters, and you want to record his time.

New client

When all the three fields are filled in, you just click ADD. 52C will show you the recently added record below the fields, in case you want to change or delete them.

New client

How to collect data with 52C iPhone & iPad App?

When on a session with your client, you can conveniently collect data about their progress with 52C using your iPhone or iPad. You can download the app for free and log in by the same data you use to log in to the web version of 52C.

Now, in the web app you’ve got three fields to fill in in order to add a record to the client’s profile. In the iPhone/iPad app, there is only one input field, but you enter data in the same format: Client’s name, Category, Record. You just separate the three entries with a coma or a double space.

Then you just click ADD, and the record is added in the client’s profile. You will be able to see it in the client’s profile at your computer. If you want to quickly remove the record, just swipe left on the notification that it has been recently added.

This way you can add all kinds of data to your clients’ profiles on spot – directly during the session. But 52C iPhone/iPad app gives you also two more handy options.

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