Completed, Canceled

The completed sessions are marked with grey. You can find them both in the Sessions’ schedule and in the individual client’s profile in the ‘Sessions’ section.

You can always edit the completed session.

How to cancel a session in 52C Web App?

Sometimes clients cancel the sessions you plan for them. You can mark such sessions in your schedule as ‘Canceled’.

  • Edit the session that has been canceled. Access it either by the Sessions’ schedule or by the individual client’s profile.
  • Tick the ‘CANCELED’ check box in the bottom-right corner of the session’s spreadsheet.

This way the session will not be deleted, but just marked as ‘Canceled’ on the list of your sessions.

You will be able to edit the session later, for instance to assign it for another day. Plus, you will see how many, when exactly, and which sessions have been canceled.