Copying a session

You don’t have to fill in the session spreadsheet all over again if the workout you’re planning is similar enough to the one you already planned before. You can copy an existing session, introduce some adjustments, and set it for another time or even for another client.

How to copy a session in 52C Web App?

  • Edit the session you want to copy. Access it either by the Sessions’ schedule or by the individual client’s profile.
  • Click the ‘Copy’ icon in the bottom-right corner of the spreadsheet.

Make all the adjustments you want in the copied session. Change the date, location, write some new notes. Delete, add, and adjust exercises along with the sets, reps and weights.

All the adjustments will be saved automatically, so you don’t have to click anything to save.

How to assign the copied session to another client?

If you change the client’s name, the session will be automatically assigned to the other client.