Editing and deleting data in the client’s profile

How to edit or delete the data once saved in the clients profile?

In the web version of 52C at pt.52challenges.com you can edit all the data you introduced, which means you can change the values and the dates of the input.

First, pick the CLIENTS tab, and choose the profile of the client.

Editing & deleting basic info about the client

The first box in the client’s profile is fully editable. Just click the text you want to change, and you can add some new info, introduce some changes, or delete whatever you want. To edit the client’s name, just click it. All the changes made here will be saved automatically.

Editing & deleting notes

To edit a note, click the text or use the 'edit' button which will appear on the right next to the note. You can also change the date of the recorded note, by clicking the date.

Click the ‘plus’ button to save the changes.

To delete the whole note, click the ‘red-X’ delete button on the right.

Editing & deleting records on the graphs

Just click the value on the graph, and make all the changes you want in the data edited below. Click the ‘plus’ button to save the changes. This way you can store in the app all your past recordings of the client's progress.

Viewing & deleting photos and videos

To view a photo or watch a video, just click its miniature. To delete, use the ‘red-X’ button.

Changing the order of presented categories

There are 4 sections in the client’s profile, to filter the data so you could easily find what you want:

  1. Progress
  2. Photos
  3. Videos
  4. Sessions

Additionally, in the Progress you can either see all the data on one page, or filter the categories by choosing one of the three subsections:

  • Basic
  • Circumferences
  • My categories

Within each of the subsections, however, some categories of the tracked data may be more important than others.

Let’s say you collect all the circumferences, but you’re most interested in the Chest circumference. If you want it to be presented as the first category in Circumferences, just click right next to its name and hold to drag the category box and drop it at the top.

This way, you can additionally order all your categories to your own convenience and in accordance with the client’s goals.