Taking photos

Many clients work for aesthetics nowadays. The before-and-after photos can be a great motivational boost. With 52C iPhone app, you can take a photo which will be automatically saved within the client’s profile.

How to take a progress photo?

Say, you want to take a photo of your client John Smith.

  • Pick the HOME tab.
  • Enter: “John Smith, Photo”.
  • The app will automatically pass to the camera mode.
  • Take the photo and add a description if you want.
  • Tap ADD.

You will be able to see all the added photos in the client’s profile on your desktop.

Where to view the photos?

In the desktop version of 52C:

  • Go to CLIENTS.
  • Choose the client’s profile.
  • Click Photos.

There you can view each photo on the full screen, rotate it or delete it.