Taking videos

Sometimes clients’ don’t even know they make mistakes while exercising. Showing them what they look like when exercising is the best way to make them realize what the problem is. And after some time, you may record their performance again to show them the progress. It's simple with 52C iPhone app.

How to shoot a performance video?

  • Pick the HOME tab.
  • Enter: “The client’s name, Video”.
  • The app will automatically pass to the camera mode.
  • Shoot the video and add a description if you want.
  • Tap ADD.

You will be able to see all the added videos in the client’s profile on your desktop.

You can also play the video right away on your iPhone.

Where to view the videos?

In the desktop version of 52C:

  • Go to CLIENTS.
  • Choose the client’s profile.
  • Click Videos.

There you can play the video, rotate it or delete it.